About Me

Wu Allah-Fernandez is no stranger to writing about the weird, psychedelic, and metaphysical as Xey believe that is where the purest form of truth resides.

Wu has established Xyr craft with freelance experience rooted in ghostwriting queer cyberpunk erotica and mobile text adventure games. In the aftermath of these experiences, Wu has dedicated Xyr time becoming a gateway for the world(s) and characters that scream for their story to be told. Hoping that the content Xey writes will help those find a deeper understanding of self and be their true essence, without imagination limitations.

Wu is currently working on the graphic novel ASTROPHILE: NIRVANIC REPERANDO with a badass group of eclectic artists. Xey will also have two fiction pieces published in the indie zine Scarlett Leaf Review and soon release the psychedelic comic AMERICHINO with Xyr brother.

Wu looks forward to "transcribing" the stories of Xyr mind's eye to help those accept their own "weird."